Zapraszamy do „Edukacja bez granic” , Sofia, Bułgaria!


22 – 24 Pazdziernika 2018

NPK Sofia, Bu?garia

Targi edukacyjne organizowane s? przez firm? Bery Group Bulgaria w mieszcz?cym si? w stolicy kraju Narodowym Pa?acu Kultury, kt?ry jest najwi?kszym wielofunkcyjnym centrum kongresowym w po?udniowo-wschodniej Europie.

16 - 17 Мarzec 2019 NPK, Sofia, Bu?garia ZAREZERWUJ Rejestracja jest otwarta!



Bulgaria <> Sofia <> National Palace of Culture

2017/2018: Sofia <> Central Department Store

19 – 21 November 2017 <> 16 - 18 Мarzec 2018

Republic of Bulgaria
Bulgaria is European country located in Eastern Balkans which is a geopolitical and cultural region of Southeastern Europe. The situation of the country (between Europe and Asia) allows for its economic, political and cultural development through the centuries and for regional integration today.
Crossroads location of Bulgaria defines its strategic location in Europe. There are five of the ten European corridors which cross the country, making Bulgaria a bridge between the countries of Europe and the Middle East. Bulgaria is a member of NATO and a full member of the European Union.

History and culture have donated generously Bulgaria as a country located in the centre of the Balkans. Sofia is very important city as the capital of the country and its traditional cultural center. The town has history reached millennia BC. The fact is that Sofia is one of the oldest cities not only in Bulgaria but in Europe.
Today Sofia is a modern city that attracts thousands of people with its history, remarkable ancient monuments, but also with its rich opportunities for scientific, festival, religious and other types of activities. Sofia is the biggest town in Bulgaria which offers many opportunities for Bulgarian citizens.

You will find hospitable and kind people! You are always welcome in Bulgaria!

National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture is the most impressive multifunctional complex in South-East Europe perfectly equipped for realizing prestigious events of the whole range of cultural and social-economic life. It is a member of two of the most prestigious international associations in the field of congress business – ICCA and AIPC, and in 2005, it has been distinguished The World’s Best Congress Centre Award.
Incorporating facilities and excellent technical equipment, NDK is still the most preferable place to carry out professional fairs of a variety of branches:

  • NPC is situated in the capital’s centre, which provides for an easy access and effective communications.
  • 15000 sq. m of lobbies and halls lay on 11 levels, on which 6000 sq. m can be built up of non-standard exhibition areas – a real challenge to the design teams.
  • There are comfortable halls to held parallel events: displays, press conferences, symposia, cocktails, etc.
  • NPC has prestigious partners like Bery Group Bulgaria, with which stable relations are built up in organizing and carrying out fairs and exhibitions.

The National Palace of Culture is a multifunctional complex, a contemporary castle synthesis of modern architecture and plastic arts. The magnificent spaces are spiritualized by more than hundred works of the monumental painting, sculpture, wood-carving, Gobelin, metal plastic, and other art genres.
There is more steel used in it than in the Eiffels Tour. The capitals cultural life, as well as prestigious congress and convention activities, business and political events are centralized under its roof. In this sense, the Palace is unique.
NPC is one of the most famous buildings in Bulgaria! Everybody knows where the Palace is!

Due of Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018, EBBS will be hold in the Central Department Store in 2017 – 2018.

The presidency of the Council of the EU will be hold in the National Palace of Culture and it will be closed for all other events.
The place of EBBS will be changed for 2017/2018 with the Central Department Store. Address: 2, Knyaginya Maria Louisa Blvd. Sofia.
The Central Department Store is one of the most famous buildings in Sofia. It offers a hall of 1000 sq. m. in the building.
The building of the Central Department Store, known popularly with its Bulgarian Acronym ЦУМ (TZUM), is located at the very heart of the capital city, in immediate proximity to the Council of Ministers, the President’s Office and the National Assembly. Built in the beginning of one of the oldest boulevards of Sofia “Knyaz Alexander Dondukov” blvd. – TZUM epitomizes today the modern capital city.
Designed in 1956, the TZUM building is part of the monumental architectural centre of Sofia, the so-called Largo. It is situated in the central part of Sofia. Access to the hall is available by land and underground transport (1st and 2nd metro lines and six tramlines), and by car – through several main roads: Dondukov Blvd., Vitosha Blvd., Rakovski Blvd., Maria Louisa Blvd. Excellent communications with the rest of the city which combined with the state and municipal institutions situated in immediate proximity ensures a constant flow of people. The location of the TZUM is extremely attractive in terms of its proximity to important historic sites in Sofia: the ancient town of Serdika, Sofia History Museum, churches, mosques, synagogue, etc.

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