Zapraszamy do „Edukacja bez granic” , Sofia, Bułgaria!


22 – 24 Pazdziernika 2018

NPK Sofia, Bu?garia

Targi edukacyjne organizowane s? przez firm? Bery Group Bulgaria w mieszcz?cym si? w stolicy kraju Narodowym Pa?acu Kultury, kt?ry jest najwi?kszym wielofunkcyjnym centrum kongresowym w po?udniowo-wschodniej Europie.

16 - 17 Мarzec 2019 NPK, Sofia, Bu?garia ZAREZERWUJ Rejestracja jest otwarta!

Who should participate?

Because of the high interested institution from all over the world, we put some conditions about our participants. The most important thing for every international exhibition is the different nationalities and exhibitors. That is why Bery Group accepted a quota for the participants in “Education Beyond Borders”:

  • minimum 2 representatives from the country;
  • maximum 5 representatives from the country.

In case with more than 5 participants from one country we can offer different conditions.

You can make registration if you represented:

  • school;
  • college;
  • university;
  • educational organization;
  • language organization;
  • association or foundation or other.

You should plan on participating if:

  • it is important to you to have a rich blend of nationalities as part if your international student base;
  • meeting your future students in person to discuss their education opportunities is part of your recruitment methodology;
  • you are serious about discovering a unique and motivated market;
  • your institution is seeking brand-recognition in Bulgaria;
  • your marketing strategy includes the seeking of ongoing visibility in the growing market of Bulgaria.

Discover your potential in the Bulgarian market and meet your future students!

There is a strong need for education in Bulgaria, and the education system in the country is lacking places for all of the enthusiastic students who seek to advance academically. Because of that a lot of families and prospective students look for viable study options abroad.
Becoming part of "Education Beyond Borders" circuits ensures that you will be presented to the Bulgarian market. As the largest fair, the event attracts educational institutions from many countries. This diverse representation and the quality of the participants are what attracts thousands of serious and motivated students to attend this educational forum.

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