Zapraszamy do „Edukacja bez granic” , Sofia, Bułgaria!


22 – 24 Pazdziernika 2018

NPK Sofia, Bu?garia

Targi edukacyjne organizowane s? przez firm? Bery Group Bulgaria w mieszcz?cym si? w stolicy kraju Narodowym Pa?acu Kultury, kt?ry jest najwi?kszym wielofunkcyjnym centrum kongresowym w po?udniowo-wschodniej Europie.

16 - 17 Мarzec 2019 NPK, Sofia, Bu?garia ZAREZERWUJ Rejestracja jest otwarta!

Concept and sponsorship

The following option would be your social and sponsorship activities in Bulgaria.
Your organization can advertise its participation and all visitors will be understood that there will be your representatives in advance. We give information for all participants but you can take the better option to be sponsor of the educational event.

How to do that and what it means?

We recommend these options for participants which are popular and need to inform that they will take part in the event. In this case they will have the best result regarding the information which will reach the people. Your specialists can plan your budget and special activities in Bulgaria. They can prepare special policy about Bulgarian students which includes scholarships or special condition.
Good choose will be if your institution takes advantage of various offers to become more popular in Bulgaria. In this case you will need more time and we recommend you to take part in our event twice per year.

Our experts will give you different opportunities which can be realized during the event. Your organization will receive personal regard and reasonable decisions.

We can offer you:

  • Presentations;
  • Conference and press conference;
  • Printing your materials (logo, motto, specific information) on all promotional materials for exhibition – bags, catalogues, invitations and brochures, posters, radio spot, TV video materials and so on;
  • Media advertising – newspapers and magazines, radios, televisions, Internet portals and others. You can see our partners here;
  • Making PR materials and policy in Bulgarian market;
  • Organizing cocktails and special event with attendance of Bulgarian schools, universities and educational organizations;
  • We work with many printing companies which give us great discounts. You can print your brochures or catalogues in Bulgaria. We need ready files with high resolution and we will give you the prices for these services. When your representatives come in Sofia, they will have all materials. Prices depend on the details and time! 
  • Our team can offer you many options regarding your goals.

The fee depends on your wishes.

We would be happy to assist you in Bulgaria!
Please contact us!

Bery Group Bulgaria
74, Gen. Gurko Str. Fl. 1
Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria
Phone: 00359 2 9888 604, 00359 2 950 25 10
Mobile: 00359887 099 730, 00359887 099 731
Fax: 003592 950 25 11

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