Zapraszamy do „Edukacja bez granic” , Sofia, Bułgaria!


22 – 24 Pazdziernika 2018

NPK Sofia, Bu?garia

Targi edukacyjne organizowane s? przez firm? Bery Group Bulgaria w mieszcz?cym si? w stolicy kraju Narodowym Pa?acu Kultury, kt?ry jest najwi?kszym wielofunkcyjnym centrum kongresowym w po?udniowo-wschodniej Europie.

16 - 17 Мarzec 2019 NPK, Sofia, Bu?garia ZAREZERWUJ Rejestracja jest otwarta!

Who visits international fair EBBS

In the last few years the interest of the young people in foreign education is increasing, but unfortunately the information about it is not enough and in the most cases – false and incorrect. Students have difficulties with choosing the best specialty, educational institution and country for their future education and this makes them feel insecure and afraid of not making the right choice.

"Education beyond borders" visitors are made up of Bulgarian students, their families and their friends - everyone involved in the decision-making process of where and what to study.

We collect visitor information on the online pre-registration as well as on paper from those who register on-site. Data collected include age and areas of interest, which are detailed on the charts.

"EBBS" enables its thousands of motivated visitors to explore the many educational opportunites in Bulgaria and around the world. Visitors of all ages and with a broad range of interests come to meet with the hundreds of exhibitors, to help make informed decisions about their education options.

Visitors from international educational fair "EBBS"

Age Groups


While we endeavour to capture information on all of the visitors coming to the venues, we are not always able to. For one reason, because many come in groups and/or with their families. To insist they all fill out a form slows the registration process as well as can make the visitors uncomfortable, which we respect. Second, the forms that are filled out are sometimes incomplete or illegible, and we are not able to include them in our data. So the following numbers are with an error factor, but as accurate as we are able to capture and report. They have been rounded to the nearest 50.
The exhibition was attended by approximately 16 800 people. Planned attendance was about 20 000 people, but has not been achieved.

Age Groups Visitors from international fair

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