Zapraszamy do „Edukacja bez granic” , Sofia, Bułgaria!


22 – 24 Pazdziernika 2018

NPK Sofia, Bu?garia

Targi edukacyjne organizowane s? przez firm? Bery Group Bulgaria w mieszcz?cym si? w stolicy kraju Narodowym Pa?acu Kultury, kt?ry jest najwi?kszym wielofunkcyjnym centrum kongresowym w po?udniowo-wschodniej Europie.

16 - 17 Мarzec 2019 NPK, Sofia, Bu?garia ZAREZERWUJ Rejestracja jest otwarta!

The biggest international education fair in Bulgaria!

Over the past years, Education Beyond Borders proved that Bulgaria is a part of Europe and the world. We are proud to say that we have a reputable and prestigious international education fair which is organized twice a year. The forum was attended by participants from more than 33 countries from all over the world, making it the only such event in the Balkans. Their names respect and show that Bulgaria has a place on the stage of global education. There were ones of the largest educational institutions from Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Each edition is visited by thousands of students, parents, teachers and interested persons!
„Education beyond borders” is a unique exhibition not only for the region but also globally. Each edition makes Sofia an international education center two days long.

Education Beyond Borders is respected by many institutions, media, exhibitors and partners from all over the world.
Any official opening is attended by official guests from many embassies and Bulgarian institutions.

We are grateful to all partners who supported Education Beyond Borders:

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